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2019 World Bank Youth Summit Competition

World Bank Youth Summit is an annual event held by the World Bank Group to engage with youth Globally on the most pressing topics facing their generation . The primary goals of the summit include; 1. Empower youth to explore innovative ideas for tackling development challenges, 2. Provide youth with the tools to build and engage in impactful projects and 3. Promote dialogue between youth , the WBG and other stakeholders.
The theme for this year summit is “ Smarter Cities for a Resilient Future”. In this light has World Bank given the opportunity that challenges young social entrepreneurs to submit innovative proposals for scalable enterprises that leverage smart technology to build sustainable and inclusive cities that will serve the needs of 1 million people by 2030

The World Bank Group wants to hear from young changemakers across the globe on how we can leverage the growth of cities for more sustainable and inclusive communities
For interested Applicants, click on this link https://wbgyouthsummit.wufoo.com/forms/q1any4ip1lqr8a9/ to apply.


2019 World Bank Youth Summit Competition

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