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Africa Startup Breakfast Meeting

Africa Startup Breakfast MeetingOn Friday October 28th 2016, HapaSpace played host to Africa Entrepreneurs Community (AEC) during its event, Africa Startups Breakfast Meeting. As partners, we partly sponsored for the venue and helped promote it to our network of entrepreneurs.

AEC is an organization that seeks to encourage the African youth to take up the entrepreneurial challenge, help in building intra-African partnerships among Africa’s entrepreneurs, and become a liaison between funding agencies and African startups.

In every respect, the breakfast meeting was a very innovative program and it was no wonder it had great attendance. The purpose of the program was to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to meet with key stakeholders in the various government agencies; notable were representatives from the Ghana Revenue Authority, Registrar-General’s Department, Ghana Investment Promotion Center and The Venture Capital Trust Fund.

The program started with short presentations by the reps from the various agencies. After the presentations, we moved to the restaurant for breakfast and a Q & A session which was moderated by Mrs. Rita Krampah. Questions that were addressed ranged from complying with the tax laws to registration of companies by foreign nationals to investment opportunities for startups. Amidst various breakfast options, attendees had a great time with the resource persons. By all standards, the program offered a great deal of enlightenment to entrepreneurs present.

The organizers, Africa Entrepreneurs Community, announced that they would be organizing such events on quarterly basis across the country and Africa as well.


Africa Startup Breakfast Meeting

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