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Social Entrepreneurs Ghana – Kumasi General Assembly

On 27th May 2016, Social Entrepreneur Ghana  along with the Centre for Social Innovation and hapaSpace, organised the first Social Entrepreneurs dialogue in Kumasi. This event was in response to the need to mobilise all organisations and individuals within the social entrepreneur ecosystem in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

There were 32 people present at the event from different social entrepreneurship entities. The dialogue covered various facet of social entrepreneurship, including the definition of who really is a social entrepreneur, how NGOs should consider changing the ‘donor’ mentality to a ‘business’ mentality while not letting the ‘business’ overshadow the ‘social’ aspect of their work as well as the need for a comprehensive database of social entrepreneurs in Ghana.

There were more discussions on the need for collaboration and networking events for social entrepreneurs, the need to use all forms media to provide education on social entrepreneurship, especially how different it is from NGOs. The participants also discussed the need for a  legal status and tax law for social entrepreneurs in Ghana that is distinctively different from those of purely ‘for-profit’ businesses.

The attendees also highlighted the need for capacity building and training for social entrepreneurs in the Ashanti region in areas such attracting investors, communication, accounting and book keeping etc.

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The social entrepreneurship train will be moving to Sunyani, as the city hosts the Brong Ahafo dialogue on 8 June 2016. Click here to register for the Sunyani event.


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Social Entrepreneurs Ghana – Kumasi General Assembly

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