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The Fabulous Woman Talk Show (Be Bold for Change)


The Fabulous Women Network and hapaSpace on 10th March 2017 held the ‘The Fabulous Woman Talk Show’ with the theme ‘Be Blod for Change’. The event was in commemoration of 2017 International Women’s Day.

The show was moderated by Mrs. Ama Duncan, the founder of the Fabulous Woman Network and a cooperate trainer. The panel was made up of three Fabulous women.  Mrs. Rita Krampah, Co- founder of the  Fabulous Woman Network and a cooperate trainer, Mrs. Lynda Philips Headmistress of the Ridge School Kumasi and Dr Ama Amuasi Co-director of Newshorn and senior specialist in orthodontics.

The ladies shared their experience with the audience at the talk show as Mrs. Duncan asked questions in relation to the bold decisions that they have taken in climbing the success ladder. They shared a wide range of experiences with the audience, from their co-operate life, relationship to education.

In their speeches, they advised the audience especially the ladies to take bold decisions that will  have a positive impact on their lives , especially in relation to following their dreams and passions. Mrs. Krampah shared a bold decision she took; having to leave her comfort zone –  occupying a reputable position in a banking firm to follow her dream of been a cooperate trainer. Dr. Ama Amuasi talked about spending sleepless nights and sleeping less than four hours a night in developing herself. Mrs. Lynda Philips shared how in her life as a teacher in a reputable school such as Ridge, she had to be bold to handle the position as a headmistress and lead a team of more experienced teachers.

A common cord of all the experiences of these bold women was their encouragement for women not to be wishful thinkers, but to put in conscious efforts to be bold. They emphasized the importance of  weighing the pros and cons of situations and learning from experienced ones in the area they want to become champions.

Towards the conclusion of the show,  audience were given the opportunity to ask questions, especially in line with how to take bold decisions.

As part of hapaSpace activities to celebrate women in the month of March, another impactful event with Google and Winelogy will be held on the 25th of March 2017 10am prompt  at HapaSpace. The theme is : Be Bold for Change with Digital Skills, sits are available – reserve your seat.

Footage; https://www.facebook.com/hapaspace


The Fabulous Woman Talk Show (Be Bold for Change)

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