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Be Bold For Change With Digital Skills

                                                                                                   Google in collaboration with WineloyaHapaSpace and The Fabulous Woman Network  on 25th March 2017  to run the second event for women in celebration of the international women’s day hosted by hapaspace. This time around was digital skills through out. The event provided Gwomen the training to explore technology in their daily activities and work life.

Miss Efua Gambrah a system reliability team manager at Voto mobile made a presentation on the current trends on social media. Talking about how platforms life Facebook, twitter, and YouTube can be used to sell personal and cooperate brand. Miss Jennifer Lartey  a desktop and network engineer made a presentation on growing your business with digital skills.  She took the audience through some platforms like; Canva which is used for info graphics, Hootsuit for creating logo and brand, Buffer which is used to monitor, analyze, create and share graphics across social media and other related platforms that help in our daily activities.

Miss Ivy Barley  a social entrepreneur in web and mobile apps development, data science and digital marketing joined the panel discussion with Miss Gambrah and Miss Lartey for the audience QnA session.

Google representative Mr. Simon Alangde took the audience through some google platforms that can be used to promote thier products and services online. There was also a demo on Google+, BlogSpot and YouTube.

Footage:  https://www.facebook.com/hapaspace/videos/1869419743301123/


Be Bold For Change With Digital Skills

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